The Motion Dance Collective is an award-winning screendance production company founded by Omari 'Motion' Carter in 2011.  Since it's beginnings The MDC have gained worldwide recognition as a production company that produces thought-provoking dance-films, to tell relevant stories through the hybrid practice that is screendance.


The MDC's works have screened across the UK and internationally at over 60 film festivals; including Loikka Dance Film Festival (Helsinki, Finland), Cinedans Dance on Screen festival (Amsterdam, Netherlands) British Urban Film Festival (London, UK), Lightmoves Festival of Screendance (Limerick, Ireland) and the San Francisco Dance Film Festival (U.S.A), to name a few.  

The MDC's purpose is to innovate the dance-film production process, present audiences with thought-provoking dance-on-screen narratives and engage artists with playful and educational digital-dance workshops. 

From concept through to delivery, we are UK's leading company that produce bespoke content for organisations and artists who have in interest in bridging the gap between moving body and moving image.





Omari is a screendance practitioner, lecturer and body percussionist based in London and, for the past decade, has been choreographing, teaching, and performing for music videos, film, television, and theatre. A first-class BA (Hons) degree in Performing Arts at London Metropolitan University led Omari to perform for 7 years in the West End and international touring productions of ‘Stomp!’. During this time, Omari choreographed, directed, performed, and produced a varied reel of dance-film work with Screendance production company, The Motion Dance Collective, which he founded in 2011.

As a director, videographer, and editor, Omari has created digital-dance and documentary content for Breakin’ Convention Hip Hop Theatre Festival (UK), Parkinson’s UK, Dance Woking, DanceXchange, South East Dance, Akademi (UK), Calmer UK, National Centre for Circus Arts, Jason Mabana Dance, Pagrav Dance Company, and Mouvement Perpétuel (Canada).

As an independent choreographer and dancer, Omari has created works for Google, Britain’s Got Talent, Weetabix, Stanton Warriors, Greenpeace UK, Diabetes UK, and ADAD (Association of Dance from the African Diaspora).

A graduate from the world’s first master’s degree in Screendance at London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS), Omari went on to become associate lecturer in Screendance at the University of East London, University of Lincoln, and LCDS. Most recently Omari was co-curator of Akademi Dance-Film Festival 2021, Digital Creative for Pavilion Dance South West and features twice in Vol. 12 of The International Journal of Screendance. Omari is currently on the event programming team for San Souci Festival of Dance Cinema (USA), a committee member of PoP [Performances of the Popular] Moves UK, and dance lecturer at LCDS.

Omari 'Motion' Carter
Photo: Robin Jade Photography



Anna Clifford

Anna is an interdisciplinary performance artist from Bermuda. She has a BA in Modern Ballet from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and also attained a BA (Hons) in International Business and Management from Bournemouth University.  


In 2012 she moved to New York after being accepted into the Joffrey Ballet Trainee programme, where she spent a year dancing and working with some of the most established choreographers the city has to offer including, Francesca Harper and Karole Armitage.

Currently based in London, through her work with The MDC Anna explores her own performance and choreographic practice, while also promoting and producing work within the screendance space.


In addition, Anna has previously worked as the Project Coordinator for Kerry Nicholls Dance and can be found teaching yoga (300RYT) and barre classes/workshops across London, internationally and online.

Photo: Mandozzi Photography



James started working as a Cinematographer after a career as a professional dancer, parkour and circus artist. As a professional circus artist, James toured both the UK and mainland Europe for several years. His connection to the performing arts scene meant he could combine these experiences and has, as a result, found a firm foothold in the screendance genre.

Aside from his work in the world of dance, James has worked on a range of projects from documentaries to commercials, and alongside household names including GAP, BMW and Skoda; grounding himself within web commercials dance on film within his cinematographic practice.


He is also the creator of a podcast: The Cinematography Journal.

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James Williams Cinematographer