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INA AMA (2021)

'Ina Ama' is a dance-film choreographed by Jason Mabana and directed by Omari 'Motion' Carter. The work brings Filipino culture, bodies and heritage to the forefront. From Tinikling and The Bayanihan Spirit, to family, mental health and bonding, this adaptation for screen, in collaboration with Motion Dance Collective and directed by Omari 'Motion' Carter, allows the viewer to experience an innovative work that illustrates Filipino cultural relativism through dance.

Choreography by Jason Mabana

Directed by Omari 'Motion' Carter

Cinematography by James Haslam

Consulting Cinematography by James Williams

Performed by Robbie Ordona, Andi Vega, Jumar Aben & James Olivo

Music by Atmo Music Productions

Produced by Motion Dance Collective

Running Time: 14 minutes 56 seconds


April 2021 - ScreenDance Festival, Stockholm, Sweden.

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