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Kattam Katti transports you to Uttarayan, the world-famous festival in Gujarat, North India, where millions of people from different cities, religions and social classes come together to fly kites in a unique event marking the transition from winter into spring.

Uttarayan is extremely competitive. Participants go so far as to coat their kite strings with glass pigment; while this is visually appealing, it is also designed to cut the strings of other kites. Tapping into this competitive chaos, creativity and colour of the event, Pagrav Dance Company brings this theatre work in the form of film with enchanting lyricism, exquisite technique and strong drama.

“The kite as a choreographic entity is fascinating and how it relates to Thakore’s primary kathak movement language is one of the most interesting aspects of Kattam Katti.“ – Ian Abott (Kattam Katti, preview)

Director: Omari ‘Motion’ Carter

Cinemtaographer: James Williams 

Choreographer: Urja Desai Thakore 

Assistant Director: Anna Clifford

Set Design: Simon Daw

Lighting Design: Hector Murray

Dramaturgy: Lou Cope

Creative Producer: Nina Head

Production Manager: Salvatore Scollo 

Sound Engineer: Camilo Tirado 

Dancers: Meera Patel, Mira Salat, Saloni Saraf & Subhash Viman Gorania 

Musicians: Gurdain Singh Rayaat, Hiren Chate, Kaviraj Singh & Praveen Pratap

Running Time: 19 minutes 56 seconds

KattamKatti-SouvidDatta-21 1.jpg



2021 - Akademi Dance-Film Festival, UK. (Online)

2021 - San Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

2021 - Offbeat Festival, Oxford, UK.

2021 - TANZAHOi - International Dance and Dance Film Festival Hamburg


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