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OUT LATE (2021)


Out Late is a dance-theatre crime drama that tells the story of the tangled relationships of Sebastian, Vinnie and Fifi and the events that lead to Vinnie's untimely murder.

The illusion of perfect lives is shattered when Vinnie awakes in the afterlife with one question: ‘Who killed me?’ Explore this interactive dance-theatre crime-drama with 82 possible journeys.


Originally a live experience combining dance and theatre, the piece has been reimagined for an interactive digital audience. You’re invited to watch this twisted story of jealousy, shame and manipulation in a way that is revealed to you in an order you choose.

Directed and Choreographed by Wayne Parsons

Written by Ankur Bahl

Camera Operation and Editing by James Williams

Assistant Director & Sound Mix by Omari 'Motion' Carter

Composition and Sound Design by Angus MacRae

Cast: Folu Odimayo, Caldonia Walton & Stuart Waters

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