'I have worked numerous times with Omari and other members of the Collective. They are forward thinking, hardworking and ambitious, committed to pushing boundaries and developing the already growing medium of screen dance. An absolute joy to work with.'

'Anna and Omari are creative geniuses when it comes to capturing dance on screen. They are a delight to work with, the upmost professional on every level, and go above and beyond to not only support your project but ensure you get the final product you desire. I couldn't recommend them more.'


Nicola Chang

Composer and Sound Designer

'I had the pleasure of working with Omari and MDC on a short film recently as a sound designer. MDC were a joy to work with: the vision of the project was clear from the start, the process was professional and organised, and every team member was encouraged to perform their expertise to a high level. The collective is formed of extremely talented and visionary creatives, and I highly recommend working with MDC.'

Neus Gil Cortes 
Artistic Director of
Nua Dance

'Fantastic team, professional, relaxed and fun! Would work again with them 

without hesitation.'

Jared Garfield

Actor and Dancer

Christie Lee Manning

Jazz House Theatre