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Welcome to The MDC Talks,

a podcast where the Motion Dance Collective team & friends

talk all things Screendance.


Season 1&2 are available via both YouTube and in audio only formats.

Visit to

listen on your preferred podcast platform. 


The MDC Talks: Season 2 | A Screendance Podcast | Episode 1: Tomorr Kokona

The MDC Talks: Season 2 | A Screendance Podcast | Episode 1: Tomorr Kokona

Welcome to the second season of The MDC Talks! We've gone audio only! But not to fear, we've created something special for our youtube listeners :) In this series we focus on interdisciplinary artists, as we speak to prominent practitioners who work within the realm of screendance. Kicking us of is performing arts consultant, coach, mentor, movement director and choreographer, Tomorr Kokona. As a mentor of The Motion Dance Collective, it was only a matter of time before we invited this brilliant mind onto the podcast. Tomorr breaks down important themes of distribution, profitability, intellectual property, collaborations and partnerships, through his incredible personal stories that take place within 30 years of creative and leadership roles. Tomorr fills a gap in the need for the further education of the above themes! In great anticipation for his upcoming book, 'Perform Your Best: How to do what you love and get paid what your worth', we chat with Tomorr on how we can develop systems for success through being interdisciplinary artists. References: Twitter: @TomorrKokona Special thanks to The MDC work experience students, Kate Hamilton and Finlay Quinn, from the University of East London. For their assistant sound design and editing. Facebook: Twitter: @TheMDCollective Instagram: @TheMDCollective
The MDC Talks: Season 2 | A Screendance Podcast | Episode 6: Simon Fildes


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