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Still in the midst of rehabilitation, choreographer and dancer Omari 'Motion' Carter confronts his inability to move in ways that he once did. Through talks with cinematographer, James Williams, Omari presents his discomfort with his current physical ability. Resulting in a docu-dance that explores the frustrations, doubts and struggle an injured dancer endures to find their feet again.

Concept & Choreography: Omari 'Motion' Carter

Edit and Cinematography: James Williams

Running Time: 6 minutes 17 seconds


"For all the visual trickery on offer, the dance films that work best are those that, just like on stage, have a charismatic performance at the heart of the story.


Omari Carter of Motion Dance Collective uses Finding My Feet to let us in on the frustrating struggle of a dancer overcoming injury. A torn meniscus left Carter trapped in a body that could no longer do what it used to. Carter applies a mock-documentary style, talking directly to camera about his experience, which then zooms in on strained trembling muscles while he re-trains and occasionally blurs the lens to suggest moments of rage and frustration. Carter is a compelling storyteller and while you have every intention to focus on his editing and camera angle choices, you end up absorbed in the story." 

(Suzanne Frost, 2019)


  • October 2022 - Fifth Wall Fest, PHILIPPINES.

  • June 2022 - The Docuworld Film Festival (The Breaking-TV Network - Breaking-TV App)

  • July 2021 - San Francisco Dance Film Festival, USA.

  • May 2020 - Flatpack Film Festival. Birmingham, UK.

  • March 2020 - Cinedans Dance Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • Feb 2020 - Greensboro Dance Film Festival. North Carolina, USA.

  • Oct 2019 - Dance Umbrella: Sunday Shorts (Barbican, Cinema 3), London, UK.

  • Sept 2019 - London International Screen Dance Festival, London, UK.

  • May 2019 - Film Fest for Panama Exchange. London, UK.

  • Oct 2018 - Movimiento en Movimiento, Mexico City.


  • April 2022 - Victoria and Albert Museum - V&A Friday Late. London, UK.

  • Nov 2019 - Regenerations International Conference - One Dance UK. Salford, UK.

  • Sept 2019 - CI Celebrates CDS - Fundraising Event (Chisenhale Dance Space) 


  • Nov 2019 - Springback Magazine: London International Screen Dance Festival review - by Suzanne Frost

Interview with Omari 'Motion' Carter: 
Movimiento en Movimiento Fest (Mexico)

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